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Style Check.py

Title: style-check.py Date: 2014-01-25 17:16 Category: Writing Tags: style-check, python, sublime text Slug: style-check Writing readable scientific papers is hard, especially for beginners. Although books (e.g., The Elements of Style) and guides are written to promote the best practices, it is still desired that such guides can be automatically... [Read More]

Quora Ml Answered

Title: My Solution to the Quora ML Problem (Predicting whether a question gets an upvoted answer) Date: 2013-08-15 22:16 Category: Python Tags: machine-learning, python, scikit-learn Slug: quora-ml-problem The Quora ML CodeSprint 2013 just finished on hackerrank.com. My entry for the first task - Quora ML Problem: Answered, was... [Read More]

Use This Statistics

title: Statistical analysis on usethis.com tool usage patterns description: “” category: tags: [] The Setup is a “nerdy interview website asking people from all walks of life what they use to get the job done”. I am pretty interested in the tools mentioned in the interviews and their usage... [Read More]

Tweet Length Distribution

title: tweet length distribution description: “” category: tags: [] My version ( 52,261,787.tweets from 20388 random users) Isaac Hepworth’s.version (1 million tweets, retweets included) link Will Fitzgerald.’s version (50k tweets) link Seems like... [Read More]

The Setup Tools Usage Statistics

title: The Setup Tools Usage Statistics description: “” category: tags: [] The Setup is an interesting interview website. When browsing the latest interview there yesterday, I come out with the idea to do a simple statistics on the tool usage patterns for the people interviewed. The first statistic is... [Read More]