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title: shouldinvent description: “” category: tags: [] My new side project - ShouldInvent is online, which is basically an automatic idea aggregation web application based on Twitter Search. The primary motivation is to provide inspirations for engineers in various domains. The project is initially inspired by one of... [Read More]

Ntu Library Search

title: Using Google Books API to Improve NTU Library Book Search description: “” category: tags: [] Introduction NTU library search (http://ntulibrarysearch.appspot.com/) is an app to facilitate searching books in NTU library with improved accuracy and relevance. It is powered by Google Books search api. The application... [Read More]

Evernote Export Python

title: Parsing Evernote export file (.enex) using Python description: “” category: tags: [] Introduction My wife keeps all the stories written about our baby in Evernote and then publishes them on her blog every few days. Recently, as the baby boy is going to celebrate his first birthday, my... [Read More]

Contextual Subtitle For Language Learning

title: Contextual Subtitle for Language Learning description: “” category: tags: [] As a Chinese, I occasionally learn oral English via watching American TV Series. One problem is about the subtitle. If I use the Chinese subtitle, then I rely on the subtitle for understanding, rather than “hearing”; otherwise, if I... [Read More]